Personal Meditation on Speech (Part 9)

Image: Priscilla Du Preez.
Let your spoken words be few. 
Resolve to never waste any word, whether written or spoken. Be precise and only select intentional words that will pass the intended message. 
A tongue with many words is pregnant of sin. 
"A sharp tongue is worse than a sharp sword."
Image: Sven Brandsma.
Man's chief problem started with words, "Did God really say?" 
I believe it is a mark of godliness to tame the tongue. Sometimes silence is the favorable answer. "But Jesus made no reply, not even to a single charge — to the great amazement of the governor" (Matt. 27:14). 
If you want to destroy a whole generation, corrupt their thoughts, it will eventually corrupt their speech! 
Language is simple. We struggle to be intellectuals. You're wise and know how to apply. 
Image: Kaja Reichardt.
Set a watch, O LORD, before my mouth; keep the door of my lips. 
A careless speech is the undoing of many a man. 
Chatter mouths may mean well, but they do a lot of harm; this is unwell. 
Image: Tingey Injury Law Firm.
Lawyers and magistrates love chatter mouths. Why? They understand firsthand many [careless] words are capable of winning them a case. 
Let your written speech be full of matter and less of chatter. Ink every word like a shot bullet with an aim at end. 
The test of a man is the words he speaks [and write] when his world is crumbling down before him. 
Alas! It is easy to control our appetites than the tongue! 
May God forgive me for every useless word I have ever uttered; it is sad for I fear it will not be very long until I speak another useless word. 
Image: DiamondRehab Thailand.
Drunken men think they are extremely intelligent. 
In some rare cases, a drunkard can give you a word for a season. Their words may shoot deeply where the sober will often miss. You're wise and know how to apply. 
Image: Miguel Henriques.
Think before you speak and write; and when you speak and write, do not forget to think. 
Be content to not have the last word; be wary to have the first word. 
"I'm sorry," "Thank you," "You're welcome," & "I don't know," etc., is the best speech. "I'm sorry" and "Thank you" is the father and mother of speech. 
If you have words to really say, do not say them. If you have a word to say, say it. 
Our lack of clarity is due to our abundant of speech. 
As an introvert, it is good, in this case, to have friends who talk a lot. I mean, they do most of my talking in social settings! I win, they lose! 
Image: Franco Antonio Giovanella.
We know an individual by hearing their words. 
Jesus Christ was and is a Man of few words, you know. He spoke in parables! You're wise and know how to apply! 
Jesus never saw eye-to-eye with Simon Peter when it came to speech. "Get behind thee, Satan!" 
If we have itching fingers, we'll have loose lips. Watch yourself circumspectly. 
Image: Leighann Blackwood.
The only excuse I can excuse for long speech is whenever a Christ-exalting sermon is being preached! But alas! When it comes to this today, everyone is busy looking at their wrist! 

We can do good to men when we learn when to stop talking. "Seriously, STOP talking!"
Our conversations are often cold because our speech lacks warmth. 
The best advice I can give to young people and the old folk today is: consider your words carefully before they come out. 
Think in plenty, speak in few. 
Image: Glen Carrie.
Let our speech comfort the weak, awaken the dead, and give hope to the hopeless. 
Humility is knowing when not to speak. 
A lot of wars could have been avoided if men watched their words. 
There are twenty-six alphabet letters, not twenty-six million! 
There is great encouragement in reading books, you know. They keep many a man from useless talk. 
Love can be communicated through the eyes, words do not always work; in fact, words is a world of trouble. You're wise and know to apply. 
Thank God for designing the mouth! It is not always meant to be open, but to also close! 
We need a friend who knows when to talk and when to shut up; but you must first be a friend who knows when to talk and when to shut up. 
Image: Harli Marten.
The speech of love is a love of speech. 
Words are sensitive; be circumspect how you apply them. 
Even in hell, the tongue is capable of cussing. 
Politicians talk a lot, but alas; their performance damns them.  
When going for a date, before you leave the house, both of you, check in with your tongue.  
Do not attempt to be a Shakespeare in courtship relationships; be you! You're wise and know how to apply. 
I'm not an expert [of] love relationships, but I do know words really matter; thoughtful words, not crude! 
Wedding vows are not signs, but words. These wedding vows, consisting of words, must be lived out within the concerned wedded couple; male and female! 
Children are very keen how daddy talks to mommy, and vice versa! Be sure of that! 
A quarrelling wife is a curse to her husband; a fisting husband is an injury to his wife. 
Godly words breed a godly home. 
"Have a nice day at work today, honey. I love you!" - Wife. "I'll miss you, my beloved wife. I can't wait to share everything, good and bad, that happens to me today at work when I return to your [magic] arms later this evening." - Husband. 
When tempted to gossip about others in your marriage bed, gossip to one another about your love for one another. 
It is not rocket science. You can tell if love exists by how a couple speak to one another while present and when one of them is absent. I learned this from my late grandpa. He was a careful observer; he always got it right!
I strongly believe the best gift a man can give to his future children is finding them a godly mother: a woman of godly speech, godly deeds, a godly way of life, and a woman who is first and foremost, God's choice! 
Image: Brooke Cagle
Words once let out, cannot return. Think before you speak, and before you speak, think. 
I'm content to be thought a fool. 
Jesus Christ got it right: let your yes, be yes; and no, no. 
Boasting is speech made dirty. 
Two things can make civilization stand strong: the wise use of pen and application of the tongue. 
Being a talker does not mean you should always be talking. 
If you are wise, you will keep quiet. 
I do not know if it's utter foolishness from my side or sheer ignorance from my fellows when I pretend to not know the subject they are discussing. Like I said, I'm content to be thought foolish.  
Garrulity is yakking, and yakking is garrulity. 
Humble your tongue and all will be well with you. 
Image: Brett Jordan.
Let your words, whether written or spoken, be full of grace, not fool of words.
Do not flatter. 
Our words, inevitably, is the mirror of our own thoughts. 
It is easy to gossip than pray for the one we are gossipping about. 
God takes serious care about our speech. Alas! How we've all fallen in this; we've all sinned with our tongue! 
Lord Jesus, teach us to speak, but more so, teach us wisdom to shut up! 
Never be ashamed to say "I don't know" when you don't know. More than these words lacketh no sin. Be wise. 
There's beauty in comfortable silence. 
Image: Sincerely Media.
Knowing when to end a conversation is a way of life. 
Keep baneful talk away from you; keep yourself from baneful company. 
Having a tremulous tongue can save you. 
I can tolerate a zany friend, but not a careless tongue. 
A jocund companion is a worthwhile partnership. 
There's no harm to surcease conversations that will eventually end, or threat to end, in toxic mood. 
A miniscule error of the tongue is still an error. You're wise and know how to apply. 
Let us be prudish in our talk, not stupid. 
Puissant tongues can, and have, caused world wars! 
Subsistence, in this time of inflation, is difficult; how much more maintaining the tongue! 
Where there are no words, speak and invent none. 
Do not be too quick to defend yourself when unjustly accused. Be calm. Assemble your thoughts and later speak after the gathering of your thoughts so as not to waste any words, even one syllable. And, should the situation prove otherwise to convince, be content to be thought a fool. After all, there may be some truths in the accusation! 
What ruins men is the words we utter after things do not go as we thought they would. 
A murmuring tongue is best sanctified by a thankful heart; a thankful heart is the redemption of a murmuring tongue. 
What is silence? Tongue put under control. 
Doublespeak is language that deliberately obscures, disguises, distorts, or reverses the meaning of words. 
All politicians, whether on the right or the left, [or the middle], are guilty of doublespeak. It (doublespeak) is the language of politics. 
Shhh...Big Brother is watching you! 
I work for the Department of War; oops, sorry. I mean, I work for the Department of Defense! You're wise and know how to apply. 
Language corrupted is society endangered. 
Doublespeak is a form of truth, but not truth. 
Everyone today has some things to say, but not something that needs to be said. 
The cure of words is silence; the surgeon of speech is conciseness. 
Image: Harli Marten.
Be careful for nothing; but be careful with your words. 
The tongue let loose causes unstoppable fire. 
It takes great wisdom and control to smile it off. 
Prayer takes many forms, not just words, empty words. 
Amber Heard was trapped by her own words. Camille Vasquez and the jury needed only to listen and use (Amber's) careless tongue against itself. Well, you're wise and know how to apply. 
Image: Joey Nicotra.
Our culture is full of seducing tongues. 
If silence is golden, then speech is silver. 
We need concise men, not senseless. 
If you say you'll be there by 9 in the morning, be there by 8:59 a.m. Doers, not talkers. 
The holding of the tongue can save the world a lot of trouble. 
The enemy does not need a machinery to destroy men. Give him leave with men's tongue and you've given him all that he needs. Did not Satan sought after Job's tongue? 
We do not pray because our own tongues accuse us of its sin. You're wise and know how to apply. 

Hello, everyone! I hope you are enjoying my Personal Meditation Series on sundry subjects? Thank you for reading & God bless! – Thompson.

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