Personal Meditation on Books & Reading (Part 1b)

Hello, fellow readers and writers! Thank you for stopping by! As many of you already know, I’m a book lover. Okay. I’m a book addict! I devour them mercilessly! Haha. I’ve done this post before, but other “Personal Meditations” came to mind and I chose to include them here, thus part 1b. Hope they spur your desire for books & reading, folks! God bless!

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Enrich the heart by private study. 
Having a companion that loves the same kind of books as you do, the same craving for reading as you do, the same serenity as you possess, is a form of unspeakable felicity found in a friend. There is not a word yet for a companionship reading. 
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Hoarding books is good, but reading them is better. Hoard no book which you do not intend to read. Books need interlinkage, not segregation — closeting. 
Books demand our attention or they will have none of it from us if we treat them casually. 
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It is good to be focused in one subject; but it is more prudent to prevent a burnout and lack of motivation by engaging in wide reading. Personally, I read EVERYTHING! 
It is very hard to admire men who mishandle their books. I don't know, it is not right. It is criminal. 
I get extremely anxious and tired when I'm around people for a long period of time. Better in a company of books than a lot of people. 
Books are not meant for exams. It is more than that! Until we learn to read well, we will never study well. I mean, if we do not know why books exist in classrooms, our study will not benefit us even if we get the grades, good grades. 
As a rule, I'd say it is criminal to read books to pass an exam. The better way would be, study well to pass exams. Internalize the matter. This, of course, does not mean you should only study solely to pass exams. No. You see, we live in a society that has trained many a student to read only for exams. 
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I hold that many people have bookshelves. We know its purpose, right? To hold our books, precious books. But isn't it amazing how we always buy books and never, in most cases, end up reading them? Like most Bibles, our books end up being dust collectors. 
Some books are not meant to be finished but recognized they exist. 
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We must be intentional when it comes to books, my friends. That's the only way we can reap their benefits. Remember, books are the best of friends, of course, after dogs! This is the thing, anyone in possession of (and loves) books can attest that these authors are our silent friends who are ever eager to have a "chat" with us. 
Books, for the most part, if left unattended, will not attend to the man. They are that faithful. Leave them for ten years, they'll wait. You may call that ultimate loyalty. I value literature very much. 
Do not kid yourself that reading text messages or emails is the same as reading real books.
Designate 30 minutes for reading daily and nothing else. I have not said 2 hours. 30 minutes. Only. 
Humility and reading go together. 
Prideful reading begets prideful results. 
Reading brings you to the mercy of the author. 
Reading saves everyone's time. 
A good book is an event in itself. Invest time in reading. 
Do not fall into the trap of this generation where status is measured by "how many" books you've read. 
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Love books. Love reading. Love reading. Love books. 
Books cannot make us smart, but they can certainly make us wise. 
Reading and writing are married. 
It is better and often beneficial to read a book slower than in much haste. The one who patiently takes time to read a book is in a better class of patience than him who is ever in a hurry, who never learns anything — the virtue of patience. 
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Something very magical happens when a man brings to bed a book and not a phone. Like pancakes, books save lives! 'Books are children of the brain.' 

Long time (years) ago an old buddy of mine came and saw some books placed in my bed. The bed was huge then and I always carry a book with me to bed and never leave with it in the morning [repeat the cycle]! He was very quick to remind me that when I marry those "little mistresses of yours will have to find another spot or risk being donated." Damn, Alexandria, what a friend!
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In books, I find something I cannot find in a lot of people, genuine company. People love people for all weird reasons. 
There is no friend like Christ Jesus! Christ sticketh closer than a brother; books accompany you to a world you never thought existed. I know that when my life curtain closes for the next one; beside Christ, at least I'd leave knowing I made some real friends in-between pages, genuine friends who held me by the hand and showed me their world by their words. 
Books, as I often say and write, are my little mistresses. 
Just realized I'm a librarian (kinda!). I've thousands of books and I'm the one responsible for them. Arranging, collecting, reading, recommending, and stocking! Where's the library? In my house! 
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Have you ever read a book and come to the end feeling like you've lost a dear friend? That's the thing about books. Once you let them in, they never let you out! 
Social media is entertaining, in moderation that is, but books are not only entertaining, but pleasing and worthy — an odyssey through past, present, and future — an expedition through time! 

“Why do you always charge people to read, Thompson?”

Well, my friends, it's simple. I do not read to be smarter than the next man, no. That's nonsense; folly! Genius is not the same as the number of books you read. I read because I love the process of reading. There's a "magic" which sparks when men begin to deliberately read. 
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My works are before me, as a writer, that is. These words and books are the children of the brain: and, is it not well that the author should behold the fruits of his labor? Quod scripsi, scripsi "What I have written; I have written." 
Entering into a library or a bookstore always feels like I'm about to cheat on my loveliest person. Good grief, thank God she adores libraries! 
It is a hard thing to be a writer without being a frequent visitor to a personal library. Plainly put, if someone says they are a writer, the next "logical" sentence would be, "I'd very much love to pay homage to your private library, sir/madame." You're wise and know how to apply. 
I hereby proclaim war to anyone who dare speak ill of books. Try me; I'll bookmark you immediately! 
Only a writer has the capacity to take you all over the world without a visa. Sit back, relax and enjoy. I'm a writer and, therefore, "automatically" your free tour guide. 
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A book a day is man's best friend. Reading is one of the greatest pleasures given to humankind. A voyage of books. As Confucius noted,'You must find time for reading, or surrender yourself to self-chosen ignorance.' 
Remember the objective of reading is not to appear well-read...Read everyday. No matter what has happened the day or night before, sit down and read. 
Reading is hard, but that is not a just cause to avoid it altogether. 
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All readers are not writers, but all writers ought to be readers. 
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A writer must be humble. Strive for humility. The humility that admits we do not know everything. Lack of humility in writing is just but writing a choir chorus for Satan and his demons. One day you'll wake up and think yourself a lunatic in search of what to write. Be humble.
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When I'm not reading I always think of what I'll read next. 
Turn off unnecessary folly and read. 
Reading is a skill, a science. Cultivate it.
Men die; books live. Or to put it plainly and precisely, the same book(s) which men neglected to open and study belowhere, will be the same book(s) opened to examine [judge] them hereafter. "And the books were opened!" 
I once walked across this street and got to see something impressive. I smiled convincingly and this blonde lady was at the other side of the room, inside. The poor lady thought my smile was for her, but I intended it for the carefully organised books at their store. Of course, I had to produce another smile; why not? 
I have unspeakable joy when I sit or enter in my study room and thereon see my vast library; all these books smiling at me, and I, at they — as friends who will in a few minutes fall in love with each other! 
One book at a time. 
A book a day keeps know what, even I don't know. Just get a book and read! 
The end of all reading is peace. 
Secret prayer and reading go together. You cannot benefit from the latter if you neglect the former. 
There is such a thing as bookingship.  
Reading and solitude are married. 
Coffee without a book to read? Are you kidding me? 

Hello, everyone!

I hope you love(d) my personal thoughts and meditation on books and reading collected from my sundry articles I’ve written here over the years? Which one(s) do you most identify with above?

Do you have your own personal thoughts on books and reading that you’d love to share with me, please? I’d love to! Let me know in the comments section below!

I shared the above snippets with an aim of inspiring men to cultivate a love for books and reading. Or, if already a lover of both, to act as a catalyst of encouragement to keep on keeping on reading!

In Christ alone,


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