Personal Meditation on Gossip & Slander (Part 4)

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Gossip is leprosy of the tongue. 
A slandering tongue is like a weapon: (1) A razor; (2) A sword; and (3) An arrow. A razor: the tongue cuts. A sword: the tongue pierces and wounds. An arrow: the tongue takes away the credit of man and destroys their reputation before other brethren. 
The tongue can undo a whole generation, for good or evil. 
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A censuring Christian is a senseless Christian. Beware of spending too much of your time censuring other fellows. Censuring is the daughter of gossip. Examine your way of life. 
Christian gossip is the evilness of the gossiper. What, Christian! Claim Christ and thereby entertain gossip? We must not! To gossip against your neighbour is not only ucomely, but unloving.
Gossip the gospel, not people. 
Gossip destroys confidence. 

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You know an individual best from how they talk about their absent friend. 
"Whoever gossips to you will gossip of you." 
"No one can have a gossiping tongue unless he has gossiping ears." 
"How may I pray for you?" In other words, please tell me something [about yourself] that I may go and gossip it with others. "Did you know so-and-so is going through..." Mark you, prayer requests are kind and exhorted, but we must be careful with those that use the good for their own agenda. In short, know your friends! 
Photo by Ben White on Unsplash.
The first gossip is good till the second one be heard. 
Keep away from malice. Keep away from gossip and useless talk. Love your neighbor. 
When you're tempted to gossip about someone, gossip for them a prayer. Pray against your itch for gossip. 
As the world keeps on talking, go to God who is always listening. 
Gossip and slander is able to kill a man while still living. 
Why do we gossip? Because we think we're more important and worthy than the fellow we're gossiping about. 
Abandon your life of fool gossip for a life full of grace. 
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I'm afraid many marriage-beds have turned out to be the altar and sanctuary of gossip, malice, & slander. 
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When we stop gossiping the gospel to each other, we become busybodies, gossiping people. 
A gossiping tongue is always pregnant. You're wise and know how to apply. 
In life we need genuine friends, even the one. 
Avoid talking too much. Talk less. Be meaningful in your conversations, not wasteful. 
I'm opposed to all form of negative gossip. 
I'm convinced heaven is a world of love, not slander. 
The cure of gossip is not to gossip. 
Anyone who spreads gossip is a fool. 
Gossip is so tasty — how we love to swallow it! 
Gossip is a 'kind of divinity.' It never dies. 
If men come to you with some gossip, turn them away, humbly. 
Gossip, after pride, is the greatest evil. It is evilness in evil itself. 
Observe. Listen keenly to men talk and you'll conclude we feed best on gossip. Alas! 
The Devil's Dictionary: Confidant, confidante: One entrusted by A with secrets of B confided to himself by C. You're wise and know how to apply. 
Unless God in Christ through His Spirit intervene, we're forever undone! 
Perhaps we feel threatened by the grace of another and feel justified to slander them! 
Image: Elevate.
What keeps us from enjoying each other's company, without any gossip? 
There is such a thing as body gossiping. 
A man who hides his hatred is a liar. Anyone who spreads gossip is a fool. 
Gossip is 'mischievous, light and easy to raise, but grievous to bear and hard to get rid of. No gossip ever dies entirely.' 
Without wood, a fire goes out; without gossip, quarrelling stops. 
Whoever or whomsoever slanders my friend in my presence will have to do with me. Even if what they say about my friend is true, it is my responsibilty to protect them. I trust my friend would do the same for me. 
Will Rogers said it succinctly well: "The only time people dislike gossip is when you gossip about them." 
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Hypocrisy is fairest at farthest. 
'A hypocrite is like the Sicilian Etna, flaming at the mouth when it hath snow at the foot: their mouths talk hotly, but their feet walk coldly.' 
Feigned friendship is double iniquity. 
No slanderer of men is to be trusted. 
A hypocrite hides his hate behind flattering words. 
If you slander you're a bad fellow indeed; and if you're slandered, it is a very bad thing indeed. 
Imagine being married or marrying a slanderer! Stop imagining, please! 
Watch men's tongue when they've succeeded, but be more watchful when they've failed. 

Hello, everyone! I hope you’re enjoying my Personal Meditation Series? God bless and thank you for reading! – Thompson.

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