Personal Meditation on Writers & Writing

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Reading and writing are conjoined twins. 
A writer can sharpen another writer. It ought to be that way, I believe; just like C.S. Lewis did with J.R.R. Tolkien. 
In this modern age of Netflix and all other -fix', a writer should strive to be circumspectly disciplined. There is no consistency where there is no discipline. 
Writers keep 'civilization from destroying itself.' 
Writing is hard. Period. We must push through this hardness. 
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Good writing is clear thinking. 
I do not need to use my mouth to vent out my frustrations. I simply write. Writing helps put my scattered thoughts into reason and perspective. When I'm sad, I write; when I'm happy, I write. 
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I'm not a strong fan of text messages. Most of them are written as a reactionery to something; often not thought over deeply. I'll keep writing real letters to real people. 
To know my "why" in writing and to help the "who" in my reading, is my objective when I write. 
Only a writer has the capacity to take you all over the world without a visa. Sit back, relax and enjoy. I'm a writer and, therefore, automatically your free tour guide. 
A writer must be humble. Strive for humility. The humility that admits we do not know everything. Lack of humility in writing is just but writing a choir chorus for Satan and his demons. One day you'll wake up and think yourself a lunatic in search of what to write. Be humble.
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All readers are not writers, but all writers ought to be readers. 
If you're a writer, your work will be criticized, and be content with them being critiqued. Well, unless you opt not to share them in public. But once you hit that publish button, welcome whatever comes as a true writer. Take the good, leave the bad. 
A writer can easily become an enemy of the state. Literally. 
It is imperative for us writers to write against tyranny when we see or suspect one. 
What will people say about my writing? Write first; the rest will follow. 
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There's some wisdom in writing, but there's a great deal of folly with many writers. You're wise and know how to apply. 
Writers are always pregnant with words. We are parents to our words. 
Writers block is just a gracious time to sought out and gather thoughts. Its duration varies with different personalities. It's not the end of your career. Do not panic. 
The chief end of writing is tend for the glory of God, not man. 

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