Personal Meditation on Friendship (Part 20)

Here is more of my Personal Meditation on Friendship (Part 20). Note: I’ve added a few others that were not included in Part 19. Also, are you enjoying these “Personal Meditations” I’ve been sharing lately? Let me know in the comments section below, if able, please. Thank you for reading! – Thompson.

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Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash.
The chief end of friendship is pointing each other to Christ. To walk with Christ, to obey Christ, and exhort each other to believe in Christ. 
Nothing is more stimulating than friends who remind you of your identity in Christ.
They love you best who pray for you when you do not ask. A true friend wants your soul healthy before bodily comfort. 
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Deny me all things, but give me a friend that knows and follows Christ wholeheartedly. He will be my example.
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Love can be communicated in many ways, especially with a genuine presence of a friend.
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Next to siblingship, friendship is the altar of all other relationships.
An aquaintance is someone who thinks they know you. A friend knows you. 
In life we need genuine friends, even the one! 
Do not make a scene when friends deal unjustly with you. Remember Jesus? For 30 pieces of silver Judas divorced himself from true and eternal friendship with God! 
True friendship, like gold lying deep under the earth, is very rare in this modern age of status quo. 
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Be careful who you share your stuff with. In short, know your friends! 
Privacy of another in friendship relationships should be greatly encouraged. 
"Summering" and "wintering" friends are good, but "wintering" friends is the climax of friendships, lasting friendship. You know your friends best during winter. 
Who is a friend? A walking and living sunshine; two souls united as one! 
Be a friend you want others to be. 
We may not see eye to eye on things secondary, but we can walk arm by arm. That's friendship. 
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A friend doesn't have to announce they are coming over for dinner. They show up! 
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When was the last time you called or write your friend and told them you love & appreciate them? 
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Friends are accurate when they read your eulogy. Relatives exaggerate! 
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What makes road trips worthwhile is not the destination, but the active journey, i.e., in company of good friends and loved ones. There is freedom of laughter, tears, and thankfulness. 
The altar and sanctuary of love is friendship. 
Pancakes, friends, and good books is an ideal life. 
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It is not a bad thing to have a silly friend. We all need some silliness, good silly. 
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As an introvert, it is good to have friends who talk a lot. I mean, they do most of my talking in social settings! I win, they lose! 
Love people for people, not things or status! 
Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash.
We know an individual by hearing their friends. 
Friendship is a safe space to be you, not a subterfuge. 
I do not have many friends, I have worthwhile friends. 
Friendship starts when everyone does not wear a mask. This is a place to mask off and drop our guard down. 
It is safe to cry before friends and when it's raining. 
Buddy, why are you calling me at 3 in the morning? "Simple. Because I'm your friend. Now, listen up..."  
Image: Hudson Hintze.
True friendship speaks, but when to speak? 
As friends we'll weather any storm; no storm will weather us as friends. 
Without friendship life would be a mistake. 
Do you know your friend? I have not asked about an acquaintance. 
A hug from a dear friend is a love language of assurance: I'M HERE! 
Be a praying friend and your friend will be a praying friend and you two friends will be in a prayerful friendship. 
Jesus Christ was an ordinary man, humanly speaking; God, yes, but an ordinary man who had friends from all class of men. You're wise and know how to apply. 
Life can be brutal. Do not die alone. Call & talk to a willing friend. What are friends for? 
Just like Anne Frank, you can make a personal diary your most intimate friend. Pour words that cannot be uttered in a written form. I know. 
Abraham was God's friend. What a testimony! Are we God's friend? Thompson, are you God's friend? Am I? 
I do not need a friend who flatters me from Sunday to Sunday. I already have a wicked heart which does that better and excellently. 
Believe it. Your friend(s) prolly know you best than most of your relatives! 
I don't want to be half-in into friendships. When I'm in, I'm fully in. 
It is never too late to be a friend. I believe in intentional friendships. 
Hollywood and Netflix are busy making a lot of sex scenes in movies, but not friendship scenes. You're wise and know how to apply. 
Dogs and cats may question our love for them, but we must never question their genuine love for us. 
I have a friend, not I had a friend. 
A judicious fellow, one who does not know how to flatter, is a great fellow indeed. 
Image: Naassom Azevedo.
Whenever you're a visiting a friend, boyfriends or girlfriends, do not carry extra clothes. I mean, you're going for SHOPPING in your friends wardrobe! 
There are three types of friends: (1) Those that ask you why your refrigerator lacks their favorite drink; (2) Those who who forget to say hello and get straight to chatter; and (3) Those who mess up with your toilet seat. Which one are you? 
Friendship is too sweet to be taken for granted. 
I miss you: this is the language of friendship and love, not love then friendship. 
A friend is a mirror. Now, if your mirror is dirty, invariably your reflection will be dirty. Choose your mirror well; but make every effort first to be a better mirror yourself. 
Great generals and leaders whom we admire from history have one thing in common — they had real friends who stuck by them, in good and the homely.
The journey of friendship is one step at a time, together. 
If one of my friends occupies an important and influential office in the country, it is up to me to differentiate the man in office and the man himself, but I must not fear the man in office because I know the man away from office; the office will be occupied by another, not the man. 
Death is a great friend to a child of God. 
Image: Thought Catalog.
I do not need a friendship that is devoid of laughter. I want to laugh; like, really LAUGH! 
Seeing a buddy after a long time is some form of, though far in comparison, a taste of reuniting with our loved ones who died in Christ Jesus. 
I'm looking forward to the day, by God's grace, when I will be able to finally say to the coming pilgrims, "Welcome! You made it; we made it!" 
The atmosphere of heaven is never-ending friendships and never-ending love. It is, succinctly, a world of friendship. 
Image: Ben White.
A reading friendship is the beginning of a wonderful story. 
I do not ask for a lot, just reading buddies! 
Books, pancakes, music, and genuine friendships, is an ideal life. 
I believe in a friend. 
Making dinner is a playground for friendships. 
They are just friends; no, they are friends! 
Playfulness is not for children only. 
Image: Eric Ward.
Friends that cry together can dry each other's tears forever. You're wise and know how to apply. 
The pulpit of love is friendship, not love then friendship. 
To my lawfully wedded wife and to my eternal friend. 
Smile often, you might turn a stranger into a friend. 
If you don't have a friend, start by befriending yourself. 
Where there is no humour there lacketh true friendship. Jocular friends are to be kept; and if absent, they are to be sought! 
If my friend is happy, I'm genuinely happy. My friend is sad? I need to do something. 
Good fruitfulness is the partnership of a fruitful friendship. 
My friend cannot be slandered when I'm present. Even if what they say is somehow true, I must at all cost defend my friend, not betray them. 
Let me die knowing I was a friend to even one, not many. You're wise and know how to apply. 
To be alone with a friend, not lonely, is a splendid thing indeed. 
Where there is no forgiveness there is no friendship whatsoever. Forgiveness is the continual act of loving our friends as if they never wronged us. 
Is it just me who gets excited to see an old friend?  Like, I mean, literally?! 
God, I need my friends to count on me, not count me! 
If I'm not a godly friend to men, people will be cruel to my wife and children. I do not want that. Friendship is not of two, but of whole, now and forevermore. 
Even animals enjoy friendship with each other. Observe nature. Friendship is the silent voice of togetherness. 
My praying lips must never be far from the names and concerns of my friends. 
Give us this day new friends that we may know how to love, support, rebuke, and exhort each other all the days of our short and earthly pilgrimage belowhere. Amen. 
It's the little things that matter which make up to be big things. 
Image: Rachel W. 🙂
Every teenage girl should have a Rachel in their life!
It was Jerome who said, 'True friendship ought never to conceal what it thinks.' 
By genuinely being interested in others is a sure way to have others being interested in us. That's how friendship starts. 
Friends are tried and purified best during winter. 
Sometimes my friends are complete idiots, but I love them anyway. I, too, can be an idiot! 
Before God made Eve to be Adam's wife, He made Eve to be Adam's friend first; and Adam, because Eve was his friend first, made her the bone of his bone and became his wife, woman! You're wise and know how to apply. 
In death of our close friend(s), a piece of us goes with them. Cherish every moment. 
Image: Jim Chesek.
Camping time is bonding time: a place where friendship can be warmer when it's freezing cold. 
Family is a friend, and friend is family. 
Shallow conversations discourage deep friendships. 
I still have a lot to learn about friendships. At the moment I'm a friend. 
Would you like to be my friend? Would you be my friend? I'd love to be your friend! 
Meaningful hugs go a long way. Hugging between friends is just bringing two hearts together to beat as one, in one rhythm — thump thump, ba boom ba boom, lub-dub lub-dub. 
Image: Sasha Freemind.
Maybe all he needed was a friend he could confide in freely and unreservedly. Maybe he just needed a listening ear first, not reactionery response. Maybe...maybe...we'll never know because he is no more. 
Listen to your friend when they say nothing. You're wise and know how to apply. 
Friendship with God in Christ Jesus through His Holy Spirit is to stand on a firm and sure foundation. You cannot be shaken; bend by the world's wind, yes; shaken, not a chance! 
Being nice and friendly are not the same. You can be nice and not friendly, and friendly but not nice. But to be nice and friendly takes intentional and unpretentious effort to be nice and friendly. 
The problem for the Pharisees was not why Jesus ate with harlots and tax-collectors, but why Jesus befriended them. Well, "I came not to call the righteous," said Jesus, "but sinners...It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick." 
Betrayal is painful because the partnership was a subterfuge. Friends do not betray each other, but Judas. It is a sign of level-headed to leave a friendship without dishonoring one another. 
I have made an acquaintance and a potential friendship in the making with this one individual (I won't say their name), who before sharing an opinion, gives a general announcement first: "I have a strong and unpopular say on this matter..." I like this person already. They have an independent mind. 
Image: Josue Michel.
You're doing great. Now, take one step at a time; give me your hand; see, one step at a time. 
I'm proud of you. I love you. Do not give up. I'm here for you, for us. 
Friendship is never busy and urgent. 
Friends that live life together, not merely existing in life, will bury each other. You're wise and know how to apply. 
Show up. 
Image: Daniel Jensen.
Goodbye, friend. 
Goodbyes, potentially, threaten friendships. 
If I bid my friend goodbye today, I'll see them tomorrow. You're wise and know how to apply. 
Why is it goodbye and not badbye? There's nothing good telling a friend bye! 
Image: Alex Ivashenko.
Be brave, my friend. Disappear and come back stronger. You need it. 
All a friend needs is a listening ear. Listen, talk less. 
It's kinda lonely in here. 
God is a friend to willing men, not forced men. 
To be friendly you need to be a friend first. 
"I'm tired." That's where a friend comes in, to help! 
Samuel Butler wrote in his Note Books, 'Friendship is like money, easier made than kept.' 
Friendship with God is enmity with everything of the world. LORD, help! 
It is not honorable to bully oneself into a friendship. 
Friends, like iron, sharpen each other. 
Your choice of friends represent you when you're not present. Are you confident with your choice of friends, in your absence? 
Friendship and Love are married. 
Having plenty of people around and having a friend are two different things. You can have plenty of people in your circle, yes, but don't mistake or flatter yourself you've friends. 
Image: Mario Purisic.
A friend is a shadow of oneself, if indeed we have a friend. 
It is good to have someone who understands us, but it is better to have someone who after they've understood us, accepts us, exhorts us, challenges us, and does not fear to speak honest truth to us when occassion calls for it. 
Marriage betwixt male and female is good for society. Friendship is good for the soul. Without friendship there's no marriage. 
One of your friends will betray you, perhaps! That's not a just cause that all your friends will betray you. 
I cannot afford many things, but thank God I have afforded to make one great friend! 
In the choice of a bosom friend, discretion ought to be circumspectly considered. Friendships suffer harm  whence there's no discretion. Let your choice of friends be discreet in your friendship relationship. 
Be friendly, but do not put emphasis with too much friendships. You're wise and know how to apply. 
Every man needs a Jack for a brother, confidant, and friend. An Andrea for companionship and reasonableness. An Allan for compassion. A Paige for humor and sillyness. A Lamar for generosity & sisterhood. A Nana for assurance, consistency, & wit. 
Do not seek for friends, humanly speaking; pray for friends, godly fellows, divinely speaking. 
I'm consciously aware of myself. I can tell straightway if a fellow can be a friend to cherish, or need to cherish. Friends sharpen one another, for good. 
Although sad to admit it, a friends secret hatred is worse than an enemy's sword. 
God help me to hug my friends in the case of skin disease, or whatever so-called virus. You're wise and know how to apply. 
Friends that share a meal together can wash each other's dirty plate for one another. 
Do needful things for your friends. Most especially attend to each other's soul. 
Flower face. 
I don't want to be half-in into friendships. When I'm in, I'm fully in. It's the right thing to do; it's a godly thing to do. 
If my friend needs me at weird hours of the night, and [if] I'm able and in a position to, you bet I'll avail myself. Happily. 
Nurture your friendship to be godly, not cultured. 
Let us go somewhere. Let us follow this narrow path. 
'Henceforth I call you not servants; for the servant knoweth not what his lord doeth; but I have called you friends; for all things that I have heard of my Father I have made known unto you.' - The Bible, Jesus Christ. 
Image: Kevin Gent.
Do you see those two boys in the picture above? Though related, with time, they will become the best of friends if they continue to walk together. These are the 'first steps of rebellion'. 
I like talking and spending time with children. They remind me what being a friend is. 
Do not love the world, love one another in the world. 
Friendship is holy. God in Christ Jesus is a Great Friend indeed. 
The early Christians were friend(ful) in the Lord Jesus and those around them, especially with one another. They lacked nothing amongst them. That's a community sealed with friendship to the Lord and walking the pilgrimage with one another. 
Friendship is one-anothering. 
Image: Chad Madden.
I'll take and accept a friend with scars. 
Friendship should be nurtured emotionally. 
Let us blanket our friendship so as to warm each other's heart. 
Image: Josh Hild.
A friend means well. A friend does well. 
Our friendship is a sun, and when it sets, it will rise again tomorrow. You're wise and know how to apply. 
Godly friendships matter. Sometimes a friend cannot meet us physically, but they can meet us spiritually and feed our hungry souls, our needy souls. 
It is an old saying: "No one is rich enough to be without friends. Make new friends but keep the old. New are silver; old are gold." 
No man is nothing when he can call a friend. 

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