Random Thoughts on Issues of the Day (Part 5)

As there are many negative things happening around us, so also it is prudent we take note on some positives that are often left ignored. I’ll not stay long in this post, though. Very well, then.

In the face of tyranny, we thank God for those courageous folks who have not bowed down to the totalitarians. We should also be aware of the church of Christ. Props to those faithful elders who have continued and continue to labor in proclaiming Christ to the lost and desperate world.

The world, as it is, is lost β€” depressed. We can say and write many things, even good things, but it is Christ at the end of the day who is able and willing to calm our hearts. He has not promised us wealth, health, and prosperity, no. But He has promised us that He will always be with us, Immanuel β€” God with us.

Christianity is not a following of DO’s but already done. We don’t try to coerce God with our “good works”. We are saved for good works, not by good works. Salvation is of God, by grace alone! So then, no man, however moral he may be, can boast of their own salvation.

For, truly, if we had a hand in our own salvation, we’d be ever proud of ourselves. But we do not. And that’s why we should always remember to thank God for this gift of salvation. It is a free gift, unmerited favor. You know how it is written,

“Christ died for us whilst we were still sinners.”

– Romans 5:8.

He didn’t reject us with our failings. So also, even today as we continue to live in a hostile world; hostile to God and His people, let us recall the mercies that can still draw men to Christ Jesus.

Let us pray for the lost that they would turn by repentance unto God and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Cast ‘your eyes which way you will and you shall hardly look upon anything but Christ. Jesus has taken the name of that thing upon Himself. Is it day? And do you behold the sun? He is called the Sun of Righteousness.

Or is it night? And do you behold the stars? He is called a Star, “The shall come a Star out of Jacob.” Or is it morning? He is called “the bright Morning Star.” Or is it noon? And do you behold clear light all over the world? He is “that light that lighteth every man that cometh into the world.”

Come nearer I show you; if you look upon the earth, and take a view of the creatures about you, do you see the sheep? “As a sheep before her shearer is dumb.” Or do you see a lamb? “Behold the Lamb of God.” See there a shepherd watching over his flock? “I am the Good Shepherd.”‘ Or see that fountain, water, river? He is the true fountain of life!

On modern youth. Do not comfort yourselves that your young years is a guarantee for a longer life and so live recklessly. Be wise and seek God while He may still be found.

On old age. Even in our grey hairs, we still need God to lead us and guide us. Old age does not mean retiring-God. It is a time, a pleasant time in fact, to recount all the sweet providences God has worked out in your life. Carefully recollect those years when God came through for you β€” mysteriously.

Do you remember how He used so-and-so to come through for you, or how your dark circumstances worked out for good, like Joseph? Remind yourself of these things and you’ll have no cause to grumble but give God thanks!

On parents. Once you were single. Got married. Got kids. Now these little ones depend upon you for their welfare. But how contrary to demand the best of your child when you yourself does not set an example, godly example?

So then, note. Children learn best from examples than by precepts. Do not demand an angel of your children if you entertain Satan in your bosom.

Obey your parents. This pleases the Lord tremendously that it has a promise attached to it. Do not, however, obey them when it forces you to disobey the Lord. What a mercy to have parents that pray for you, as well as in your infancy when you could not pray for yourselves!

So much so, let us be wise in the Lord during these difficult times. You’re wise and know how to apply.

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