On Vaccines, Masks, Christians, Governments, & Churches

Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.”

– Hebrews 4:16.

Recently (at a store) I overheard a lady pointing to a little child who had a custom made cartoon mask and thereon commented,

“Aww, so cute! She looks great with that cartoon mask. How old is she?”

I’m sorry. I turned and told the stranger, politely of course,

“There’s nothing cute with a baby having to put on a mask.”

Believe it or not, the Mum of this little girl immediately turned and said,

“Thank you so much. Thank you.”

I know this article is going to be controversial, or perhaps, misunderstood. With that said, I still maintain as I did in my other post, this is not about the virus anymore, it never was! We’re not fighting a virus, but a global crime virus against humanity. I’ve chosen violence today if it means men will pause and think.

You see, no one wants to call the shots as they are. No one wants to challenge the state. No one wants to lose man’s opinion of them, good opinion of them for that matter. No one wants to logically and biblically question the government.

Men are blindly hiding under the banner “loving our neighbor” and all that. Of course, some mean well, but meaning well at such times of contradictions and lease from the higher government does not cut anyone some slack.

What is it, then? We’re being conditioned to be stupid and just follow. No critical thinking is encouraged lest you be in the bad side of the government. No logic, no nothing! Today, sadly, men are becoming suspicious of each other, even among Christians. People are offended by trivial matters involving cloth, i.e., masks, etc.

Because many are not courageous to speak up, they give you that villian look when you do the opposite of what they are told. And that’s the problem we have right now. No one wants to blow the whistle. Or, still, for some, they are waiting for a “perfect” time not realizing tomorrow is no ones, yea, not promised to anyone.

Like I wrote in another place, I’m not afraid to die if it means to speak facts. I fear no man but God. What can man do to me? Sure, they will torture me but they will not remove me from God’s hand. What if God has predestined I must die in that way? Praise God! Whatever He ordains is right and just!

About the government. The state is not a friend of them that think for themselves. Period. It delights in dolls. That is the truth.

And I still maintain that unless our leaders change for the betterment of its people and taking up their God-given responsiblity to serve man in a way that brings glory to God, I will have a hard time praying for them but that they should be removed from office in whatever way—even through death if needs be—I’ve been pressed to pray the impercatory psalm on some leaders.

Very well, then. How should we think, especially Christians, about the whole vaccine and mask mandates? How do we balance biblical considerations about health and the state? These are some questions we need to ask! We’ve already established the so-called medical “experts” are in huge disagreements amongst themselves. That must serve as a red flag!

Today, some doctors have become politicians. Propaganda everywhere. Yes, even some “pastors” have become politicians, sadly.

Governments are not granted lawful jurisdiction and authority over personal, familial, or “public” health. But what about that Leviticus chapter about leprosy, etc? Is there not a just cause for the state to intervene? No, the passage does not in any way give leave for a legitimate public health interference from the state.

That is, ‘these leprosy passages are related not to the spread of biological contagion, but of ceremonial uncleanliness as is evidenced by numerous factors:

First, even the man covered head-to-toe in white leprosy was declared “clean” (Lev. 13:12-13) and was permitted in the camp. Second, the stated reason for the general expulsion of lepers is the same reason given for the expulsion of those who touched a dead body or had a bodily discharge; not biological contagion, but ceremonial uncleanliness which “defiled the camp” before the Lord (Num. 5:1-4) .

Third, nowhere in Scripture is leprosy described as being biologically contagious. This “leprosy” also afflicted houses (Lev. 14:34) and garments (Lev. 13:47).

“Leprosy” was not the same as modern day “Hansen’s disease”.  Fourth, in order to prevent belongings in a “leprous” house from being declared “unclean” by the Priest, the owner was permitted to empty the house of his possessions before the Priest arrived for inspection (Lev. 14:33-36).

Preventing biological contagion through sanitization (burning) of objects was not in view here. The ceremonial practices associated with the now defunct Levitical Priesthood have been made obsolete by Christ’s greater Priesthood (Heb. 7:12), and cannot be credibly invoked as providing civil government with jurisdiction over “public health.”’

The same way applies that the state has no jurisdiction to remove anyone’s right to pursue their livelihood and carry about their business in public. About lockdowns. Lockdowns have proven to be a total failure. But also I regard the state has no jurisdiction to enforce lockdowns on views of “public health.” The lockdowns cater for them, and not designed to help the people.

But still, ‘individuals are free to restrict their own movement about society to this end should they deem it wise to do so. They may not lawfully demand that civil government employ force on their behalf to restrict the liberty of others.’  But is this not what we see daily, and often?

Further more, ‘the subsequent mandating of vaccines and masks are rightly justified based on the claim that unmasked or unvaccinated persons “present a general danger to the health of the public due to viral spread.”

This is bogus and contrary of what we already know. No one will call it as it is, lies!

But, you ask, am I not being unloving for holding to these? Answer. I ‘deny that the existence of communicable viruses, viral testing mechanisms, or the invention of vaccinations creates a new standard of morality whereby a healthy person simply conducting their affairs in society without vaccination, viral testing, or wearing a mask is evidence of criminally or morally reckless behavior.

Moreover, if such a standard for violation of medical freedom is adopted, conceivably, civil governments could permanently regulate and restrict every facet of life since according to this same rationale, various flu-like viruses can be unknowingly spread at all times.

Further, there are a host of other far more deadly dangers such as heart disease, which, like virus-related hospitalizations, also place a burden on the health system. The civil government does not then gain authority to ban soda intake for obese individuals.’

What has society turned out to be? Grown men can go to private party with no masks but little children are imprisoned to breath through their masks, denying them their childhood? What is normal with this, especially when the same officials break their very “laws” for their own pleasure(s)? They know you can do nothing to them, yes!

The state has no jurisdiction, with a biblical faithful view, to coerce individuals to inject substances into themselves or their children or cover their mouths, noses, face, or any combination thereof, with masks.

But will these not land men to trouble? ‘Any civil or ecclesiastical authority that attempts to coerce individuals or their children with any form of public banishment, fine, imprisonment, social ostracism, or other forms of coercion for not wearing a mask or injecting a substance into their bodies are ascribing to themselves authority not delegated by God and are in grievous sin’ (Matt 19:14; Tit 3:10; 1st Cor 1:10; Rom 16:17).

My mask, truthfully speaking, helps me when I’m in dusty areas. It’s effective in that way, not health reasons. This, I know, will sit really bad with some individuals. I’m okay with that. But you will confess, in some sense, the reason you put on your mask is because you fear imprisonment and getting a fine, yes?

As to regards to local churches. It is a sad thing when the church turns against a member for not adhereing to the state laws, even when they themselves know too well the state is in contradiction and thereon goes against God.

I hold, indeed, ‘although local churches may reasonably enforce policies of calling on the symptomatically ill to stay home, any attempt to impede fellowship in the body by a believer on the grounds of failing to inject a substance into their bodies or the wearing of a mask is also divisiveness’ (Tit 3:10; 1st Cor 1:10; Rom 16:17).

“But, Thompson, what has happened to loving my neighbor?” Personal decisions to not adhere to some “laws” such as taking the vaccine or the wearing of mask are not out-of-step with ‘the biblical command to love one’s neighbor’ as oneself (cf. Lev. 19:18; Matt. 22:39).

I must mention also that this whole issue is a matter of conscience. It is! It is therefore a sin to compel a Christian brother, especially the weaker brethren, to sin against their conscience (1 Cor. 8:1, 2; 10:31; Romans 14:3). This goes to the aspect of coercing or manipulating them to inject subtance into their bodies or make them feel guilty for not wearing a mask.

And if they (the pressing Christian) is insisting to bind the conscience of another brethren for not adhereing to the state “laws” ‘are treating the traditions of man as the commandments of God (Mk 7:6-9).

These individuals are themselves guilty of twisting the Scriptures and are effectively subjecting the law of God to the ever-changing and conflicting whims of “public health” agencies, the latest medical study, or majority opinion.’ Dogma. That will fall under the umbrella of not loving your neighbor.

I hear you ask, “What if my church demands us to wear masks?” Answer. If your conscience is pricked, you can respectfully disagree. This is in no way divisiveness or rebellion to the church officers incharge since they do not hold any jurisdiction over familial or personal health decisions.

But note, I ‘deny that all instances of requiring masks for church meetings are necessarily sinful or divisive in such cases where the meeting is held at a venue where the property managers are not the local church and such property managers require mask wearing for entrance. This is a property issue.

In such cases, those who choose not to fellowship because of the mask mandate at the meeting venue should not be said to be in violation of any biblical commands regarding regularly meeting with the saints.

To the extent possible, church officers should seek to secure a meeting venue where the local congregation will not be forced to exclude non-masking individuals due to the whims of the building owner.’ Again, emphasis added.

The maintaining of one’s health should be that of personal decision and family; not a manipulation from the state or members of a church. With all that being said, it is a conscience issue. Ask God for clarity through prayer and reading of His word.

Still, I hear, one asks,

“Thompson, what if it comes to a point that these mandates will be forced on people, what if it becomes A MUST thing to do? What do you say of this?”

Answer. When that time comes, I fear it is not so far, sadly, unless God intervenes, let us ask God for His help when the day and the occasion appears. I believe He will help us in our time of need, I really do!

You’re wise and know how to apply.

8 thoughts on “On Vaccines, Masks, Christians, Governments, & Churches

  1. Thanx for an encouraging word: “Ask God for clarity through prayer and reading of His word.” This is what is most lacking in the western church today. Too many depend on a pastor or Bible-teacher instead of reading and discovering for themselves what “hear what the Spirit says to the churches.”
    Though I disagree on some of what you say about OT laws regarding ceremonial vs contagious uncleanness, it is not worth arguing over, but simply an area we could discuss if we were to Zoom or meet.
    Keep loving Father, and looking for Jesus’ soon return, my brother. Even so, Lord Jesus, come! 😊


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