Personal Thoughts on Media Narrative (Part 2)

“So Gad went and said to David, “Do you choose to endure three years of famine in your land, three months of fleeing the pursuit of your enemies, or three days of plague upon your land? Now then, think it over and decide how I should reply to Him who sent me.”

– 2 Samuel 24:13.
The greatest puppet of the government today is the mainstream media and its prints. 
There is a reason mainstream media will never tell us of well-beings, only ills. Why? They sell well when its consumers are fearful and paranoid: fear sells.  
I strongly believe the greatest enemy of the people today, after the government, is mainstream media. 
Technology may well be the greatest human invention, but it is safe to say it has made many a man dumber in an age where almost everyone boasts of their sophistication so-called. 
It is almost impossible to be accepted these days if you dare think for yourself. Don't question Big Brother, they say. Or, Big Brother is watching YOU, we're constantly reminded! We don't do that here. 
[Some] Journalists and politicians are married unless Truth proclaims the divorce. 
Discernment. Discernment. Discernment. 
As most of man's sins are in his words, so also most  faults of mainstream media are in its daily reporting and print. Propaganda. 
Social media in general makes us zombies glued in our little screens. 
Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash.
One day the blindfolded and manipulated mass will fully wake up, but alas, it will be too late. 
Fear makes us lick and lip gloss the government. The State is my Shepherd. 
Who will teach the next generation what "thinking" is? 
Lies have taken over; no one wants truth. 
"I'm a journalist." No, you're not! Some of you are nincompoop!
Politicians are masters of deceit. 
Man, be really thankful your fellow man does not control oxygen. A lunatic would turn it off for many a man. God, thank you! 
There's a place and time for Impercatory Psalms if certain men continue to harden their hearts. You're wise and know how to apply. 
Image: Merakist.
Whenever there's a BIG STORY in the media, LOOK for the STORY they're trying to DISTRACT you from. You're wise and know how to apply. 
No one has ever died from social media detox. 
It is very hard to have a conversation with someone who believes everything that is written on a newspaper. 
In a way, social media has taken us backward. 
Doublespeak is language that deliberately obscures, disguises, distorts, or reverses the meaning of words. 
All journalists; okay, a majority of journalists, whether on the right or the left [or the middle], are guilty of doublespeak. 
Language corrupted is society endangered. 
I'll speak and write my mind. 
Power and control is the end game. 
Let man fancy his plans, but God does whatever He pleases, and no man can thwart His plans. Do you know the story of Babel? 

“David said to Gad, “I am in deep distress. Let us fall into the hands of the LORD, for his mercy is great; but do not let me fall into human hands.”

– 2 Samuel 24:14.

Random Thoughts on Issues of the Day (Part 6)

Genuine question. Why are there no biohazards bins for used masks and gloves if this virus is so contagious and deadly?

My dear and close friends in Austarlia are telling me things are spiralling down real quick. The Dan Andrew’s administration has opted to go on the way of the old Gestapo — Where are your papers, please? This, of course, was expected given the way the leaders of that (Australian) government were and are caught to contradict themselves when it comes to health matters.

Our nation, of course, not exempted from these lies and contradictions!

I cannot speak fully for the Australians, though. I’m pleased, however, that many of my friends and others in that nation have had enough of the tyranny. It’s a pleasant thing when men seriously challenge the government when it crosses the line.

I mean, when freedom is threatened and taken by force, and thereon by lies, the people must stand up to the tyranny. Head on.

If you’ve ever lived under a Gestapo ruling, you’ll know my meaning. Or, if you know a chunk of general history; you’ll quickly see some similarity of tyranny disguised in “We’re all in this together” anthem. But, let us examine this anthem. Note:

Those that come at our screens and tell us we ought to “stay home” because we’re “all in this together” are the same folk who gather freely in Emmy’s 2021 galas while our little children are treated as prisoners amongst each other in classrooms. Children are not allowed to be children. There’s nothing cute with having a little child put on a mask.

We are not “all in this together”! Politicians, [let’s call them for what they are], propaganda artists, and state and local officials have not given up one paycheck. They have not plowed under their fields or slaughtered their livestock or dumped their milk. “We’re all in this together.” They have not lost their homes or businesses.

They have not laid awake all night wondering how they will feed their families or pay their bills.

If they have been up all night, it is because many of them are planning ways to steal more from the people whom they are called to serve responsibly. But no, greed reigns!

As they continue to enforce some of their draconian restrictions, not one of them is suffering from their own decisions. They can attend birthday parties freely in a gathering but your own family cannot. Why? You’ll be fined or taken to court! Because? “You’re not being loving!”

They are not…and never will be…any part of the “WE” in this! Plainly put, the laws we’re enforcing applies to you, not us! We’re different from you, we can do what we want. But as for you (us the normal citizen), you are our puppets. You’ll do what we say or else…

You’re wise and know how to apply.

Random Thoughts on Issues of the Day (Part 4)

“The world is engaged in the largest clinical trial, the largest global vaccination trial ever, and we will have enormous amounts of data.”

– Department of Health.

The writer is not a stoic or in any way seek to undermine the pain of those who have lost their loved ones through Covid. I’m truly saddened by all these. May God of all comfort, comfort us who are under this crucible of suffering. I, among them. Very well, then.

Welcome to a time before a nightmare. A Gestapo regime is here —”Where are your papers?” Because many will think this is about vaccines, let me set the record straight. If you want to get the jab, by all means, take it! It’s your choice and I’m not going to view you any different because you’ve taken the vaccine. No.

My chief contention is on compulsory government vaccine mandates – and the obvious hate passed to the unvaccinated. I’ve been called many awful names when I share my unpopular view(s) during these hard times. I’m not bitter and neither am I afraid of any man.

But I’ll not keep silent when something needs to be said. I’ll not, truthfully, follow something that does not make sense, logical sense.

You know, ‘fear is an extremely powerful psychological tool, that has been used by politicians always,’ notes a holocaust survivor, ‘the Nazis were particularly adept at it.’

The times we are living in is in many ways carbon copy of what took place before the holocaust. The government, again, as I’ll keep on emphasizing, is not for the people but against its people.

The government is the real virus.

We now have a class of “subhuman” fellows, that is, the unvaccinated. The vaccinated is scared of the unvaccinated. It is the unvaccinated fella, who, they say, is the reason why Covid is still here. ‘It is not the responsibility of the unvaccinated to protect the vaccinated.’ That’s the vaccines job! Plainly put,

‘The protected need to be protected from the unprotected by forcing the unprotected to use the protection that didn’t protect the protected.’

Again, the issue here is not about vaccines; it is about totalitarian regimes taking place right under our noses. And if we speak against such signs, we’re labelled immediately to be conspiracy theorists. Let me show you how a totalitarian regime will look like, or looks like:

You’ll need to produce papers 24/7. We’ll need papers to enter restaurants, bars, concerts, casinos, conventions and hotels and to board a train, plane or bus. We’ll need papers to enter a supermarket, or we’ll starve to death. We’ll need papers to visit our families. All for the crime of being unvaccinated!

And God forbid, you’ll need papers to go and worship God with other brethren in your local church.

The scary thing about all this is people are led by emotions rather than pause and reflect on what’s really happening. Others, of course, know what is happening but are scared to speak up. Others fear losing people’s opinion of them, good opinion, for that matter. They do not want to offend anyone, just impress.

Not that we go on ahead to offend because we desire to do so, but because for some things to be heard; we need to say what others aren’t saying. Call the elephant in the room.

I’d not want my children or anyone to grow under the Gestapo’s. Children are now being trained to be suspicious. “They might be infected, they might infect me.” Of course, that’s the Media’s job — to pass out fear! Why? Because fear sells!

On issue of vaccine passports. Again, an absolute desire for a totalitarian survelliance state. It’d be good if folks would care enough and study history. Also, I’d challenge men and women instead of being rushed to forcing men to follow everything the state says, to also take time and carefully be informed.

Do not let the state make you a villian to your own family. That’s what Satan wants — the destruction of families!

Some of you reading this may have a medical knowledge or perhaps, practicing medicine! I’d remind us of the oath you took — to protect lives. Not by use of propaganda and fear.

To the elders of a church and to the brethren of Christ. It is not Scriptural of you to refuse entry into your services a subgroup of society (unvaccinated) based on their medical choice. Only Jesus Christ has the authority to regulate the terms of corporate worship, not the government!

These, in a sense, tells you are to make no distinction between those who call out in faith, neither on race or medical choice.

The gospel should be proclaimed to all men—vaccinated and the unvaccinated. Therefore, to refuse members access to corporate worship would be to betray our Saviour and openly disobey His great commission.

To members (and also leaders) of a local congregation. Do not coerce the conscience of others. The ‘conscience is one of the innermost expressions that annimates an individual, and that allows them to worship God as well as obey a legitimate governing authority.

The conscience is the immediate contact of God’s presence in a person’s soul, and so an individual forced to act in a way that is objectionable to their conscience will never be at peace, either before God or before the state.

A government that endeavours to force or coerce an individual who is striving to honour God, will find that they only encounter resistance.

A government should never coerce conscience, but rather respect the important function that it carries in aiding a person to worship God freely and live obediently before the state.’

So then, on issues of vaccines, as stated above, if some ‘people have made the decision and have already taken the jab, that is their right,’ and it cannot be abrogated. But those who are not ready, or hesitant, also have their valid reasons why they are not in a rush.

Their conscience binds them to wait, and their Saviour advised them not to make decisions before they have counted the cost.

This is a principle of wisdom, that everyone applies to many aspects of their lives.’ The government, or any other corporate body or individual, be it in public or private, should not coerce the conscience of its people.

Neither, I say, should the state or any other person, label those who question these things as unloving. To conclude that is a fallacy devoid of sound reasoning. Having said that, this declaration article here has some nice things to say.

You’re wise and know how to apply.