Personal Meditation on Writers & Writing (Part 5)

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Reading and writing are conjoined twins. 
A writer can sharpen another writer. It ought to be that way, I believe; just like C.S. Lewis did with J.R.R. Tolkien. 
In this modern age of Netflix and all other -fix', a writer should strive to be circumspectly disciplined. There is no consistency where there is no discipline. 
Writers keep 'civilization from destroying itself.' 
Writing is hard. Period. We must push through this hardness. 
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Good writing is clear thinking. 
I do not need to use my mouth to vent out my frustrations. I simply write. Writing helps put my scattered thoughts into reason and perspective. When I'm sad, I write; when I'm happy, I write. 
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I'm not a strong fan of text messages. Most of them are written as a reactionery to something, often not thought through deeply. I'll keep writing real letters to real people. 
To know my "why" in writing and to help the "who" in my reading, is my objective when I write. 
Only a writer has the capacity to take you all over the world without a visa. Sit back, relax and enjoy. I'm a writer and, therefore, automatically your free tour guide. 
A writer must be humble. Strive for humility. The humility that admits we do not know everything. Lack of humility in writing is just but writing a choir chorus for Satan and his demons. One day you'll wake up and think yourself a lunatic in search of what to write. Be humble.
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All readers are not writers, but all writers ought to be readers. 
If you're a writer, your work will be criticized; and be content with them being critiqued. Well, unless you opt not to share them in public. But once you hit that publish button, welcome whatever comes as a true writer. Take the good, leave the bad. 
A writer can easily become an enemy of the state. Literally. 
It is imperative for us writers to write against tyranny when we see or suspect one. 
What will people say about my writing? Write first, the rest will follow. 
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There's some wisdom in writing, but there's a great deal of folly with many writers. You're wise and know how to apply. 
Writers are always pregnant with words. We are parents to our words. 
Writers block is just a gracious time to sought out and gather thoughts. Its duration varies with different personalities. It's not the end of your career. Do not panic. 
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The chief end of writing is tend for the glory of God, not man. 

A writer is someone who has trained their butt to sit down.
Nice to meet you, too! Yes, I'm a writer! "Wow!" Yes, it's a "WOW" experience, indeed! 
When do you write? When the world is quiet and totally dead asleep. 
Whatever stage you're in your writing endeavours, by all means, do not stop. Persistence and practise makes a writer, a writer. We do not aim at perfection, because we can't; we aim to improve daily & become good in our God-given vocation. So, dear writer, sharpen those skills and keep on keeping on writing and we'll keep on keeping on reading! 
A writer's life is an alone life but never lonely. 
Till this day I cannot forget the first time I held a pencil in my hand to write my first ever words. Well, they were the alphabet; you know, ABC.
Everything can be turned into a story if we just spoke less and listened more, yea, observe intently! 
Musicians, songwriters, and writers, listen to music by differing degrees, but one thing makes them one, they allow music to do its work. You're wise and know how to apply. 
If no one understands you, write. 
If pride clings to you in your writing and become proud as a writer, my dear friend, you'll be doomed and forever forgotten. 
Everything God wanted men to know, and need men to know, was put in writing! "Then the LORD replied: “Write down the revelation and make it plain on tablets so that a herald may run with it." Yes, write down! 
Without writers the world would be silent and boring. 
Books have a higher mortality rate than men. 
I must practise what I write; I must act on what I read. Without these, all is lost. I don't care if they are good, but I need God to help me minute by minute and the hours will take care of themselves. 
If you can write and think, you instantly become an enemy of an ignorant fellow and a tyrannical state. Big Brother is watching you, they tell us! 
I do not have many friends, but I do write to some worthwhile friends. 
I've never stopped writing once I discovered the alphabet. 
Image: Debby Hudson.
A pen is a sword; it cuts with directed words, for the better. 
Writing is a dangerous thing but a necessary need. 
If you can write and think, you can make a case for yourself. Yes, even the 'most powerful man in the world' will listen to you, not necessarily agree with you. 
All writers have potential to improve their work. No one is exempt. There is no arrival in writing. 
Teach your children, whether at home or in the classroom, how to read, write, and think for themselves. 
Every passing day I loose faith with our learning institutions, especially universities; they have become a brainwashing machine. Students just don't want to think anymore! The 'spirit of the age,' remarked, Albert Schweitzer, 'is filled with disdain for thinking.' 
Writing is penetrating the soul without neglecting the body. 
In a sense, writers live to say things for others. You're wise and know how to apply. 
A teacher's work, I strongly believe, is teaching and training students to think; help students arrive to a solution coherently. 
A bad writer is still a writer. You cannot take that from them; that is, being a writer. 
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Writing is clearing of the head. 
You've too risk being offensive by being precise with words, especially as a writer. 
What's the need of folks wanting to have a conversation if people are put off by being blunt and direct? 
I do not believe in flattery; any form of flattery is dishonest. 
Never waste any alphabet if you can precisely and concisely make your needs known, whether written or spoken. 
A writer must know the difference between intentional words and a massaged alphabet. 
Thank God for period (.) marks. They save the day. 
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A writer, I think, is someone who has mastered the art of describing the world and its inhabitants concisely and precisely. 
Sometimes I stare at my computer FOR HOURS waiting for those 'magic' words to come. A writer must be patient with himself; in fact, to be a writer, one needs to be patient. 
If you really long to have men know what you mean and write, you must be willing to tell a great deal of disagreeable truth. A writer cannot afford to be a flatterer of men. Flattery is dishonesty. 
Good writers are those that 'know' they are not good writers. 
Being a silent writer is a great thing indeed. 
If I can't reach there physically, my written words can. 
To fall in love with a writer is to fall in love with a lot of unwritten stories. 

Hello, everyone and fellow writers! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading through my Personal Meditation on Writers and Writing? Have a wonderful day! – Thompson.

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