Personal Meditation on Death and Dying (Part 5)

Hello, everyone. If you’ve been following closely, the last couple of weeks I’ve been sharing less articles (than usual) and decided to portion some “Personal Meditations” on sundry subjects. I’d have taken a break from posting; I wanted to, but I found out I might as well use “my break” sharing some inner thoughts.

I’m very grateful to some of you who have been “greatly challenged and helped” in your various conversations, i.e., way of life. Reading your kind comments and thoughtful criticism is always a delight. It’s humbling to serve God and His people this way. My heart is grateful. These Personal Meditations help self-examine & search myself. It’s as much for my own soul as it is intended for God’s people.

Thank you.

– Thompson

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Satan has a season when he loves to prick the saint's conscience — their dying day! Alas, he cometh with all those failing spots to which the saint has succumbed! When he cometh, we may as well say to him:

It is true, Satan. I have failed often, more so, broken asunder to despair and despondency. But also, listen. Christ accepted me in my wicked state; died for me whilst a whore, a swearer, a guiler, an idolater, adulterer, a fornicator, and all the filthy excercise thou thinkest about. I say Christ died for me in all these mud of sin (Rom. 5:8). All that is good in me is but by His umerited grace, undeserved mercy.

Death, to a Christian, is a doorway to glory. 
To live in Christ is to keep in step with Christ. So also, he that would die well must never put off the inevitability of death — he must live as a dying man. 
The Christian's death is the ending of his troubling sins, an entrance to a land whence sin and sorrow are no more. 
"We must look at death as a thing we must meet with, and look upon ourselves as a thing which we must part with." 
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It is never too soon to make friendship with death. 
We never get what we think we want because God gives us always what we need. One day our need will be death. 
Death is gain as to its freedom from doubt and unbelief: In heaven our faith will be turned into sight. 'Here the best are liable to doubts about their personal piety, and often experience many an anxious hour in reference to this point; in heaven, doubt will be known no more.' 
Death is the grave of all temptations. 
A Christian's death delivers them from the second death. Put another way, a Christian dies natural to live eternal.
In heaven there's no grave, but eternal grace.
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After our death, we will be met by our believing loved ones who went ahead of us to be with Christ. 
O beloved Christian, why fear death? It is natural to fear death, but we may meet it with faith in Christ. 
When death knocks at your door, don't murmur and grumble about; rejoice thou art going home at last! 'Does the prisoner, long confined in a dungeon, dread the hour which is to open his prison, and permit him to return to his family and friends? Does the man in a foreign land, long an exile, dread the hour when he shall embark on the ocean [or the sky] to be conveyed where he may embrace the friends of his youth? Does the sick man dread the hour which restores him to health; the afflicted, the hour of comfort? The wanderer at night, the cheering light of returning day? And why then should the Christian dread the hour which will restore him to immortal vigor; which shall remove all his sorrows; which shall introduce him to everlasting day?' Smile at death when your time draws nigh. 
Death is an awful reality to men who have made this world their only home and the things of this world their only possessions. 
Do not waste any unnecessary time belowhere. Let us live as diligent laborers in a field full of harvest, harvesting men to Christ Jesus. 
Live as men who appreciate the world, but let us live like men who are more in love with the world to come, the world of Christ Jesus. 
To die and be with Christ is the final pilgrimage of the wounded saint. The saint finally meets with Eternal Rest and Blessed Felicity. 
The door of death is inscribed thus: "Prepare to meet your God!" 
Christ is best. 
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Death is sleep. "The girl is not dead but sleeping." The natural man is tempted to laugh. You're wise and know how to apply. 
Death will very soon reveal the children of God and the Devil. 
We must have our heart and mind in heaven if we are to look at death with courage in Christ. "Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth" (Colossians 3:2).
LORD God, teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.
Beware of head-knowledge in the face of death! It will not comfort you. How is your heart and way of life instructed by your accumulated knowledge on the things of God? Do you know God, or things about God? That's the question! Be honest with yourself! 
I've observed humble men die well. 
Improve life by dying daily to self and enrich the soul by being alive in Christ. 
I'm homesick for heaven. 
You're not too young to die. Make peace with God. 
The old fellow knows his time is nigh.
Here today, gone tomorrow. 
Make no permament nest in this world. 
Death is a golden carriage that lifts the soul to a golden city, celestial city. 
Fellow mortal, cease playing Immortal. 
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The whole world is a big cemetery of dead men walking. 
Them that resolve to repent tomorrow intend to be wicked today. A delay of repentance breastfeeds and strenghens our sin — and the wages of sin is death! 
The conversion of the thief at the cross is not a canon that all of us are guaranteed conversion to Christ at our death-bed. 
We read in the Holy Scriptures of men who were called at their infancy such as Jeremiah, Samuel, and John the Baptist. Some were chosen in their prime age of youth like the four Hebrew children, Shadrack, Meshach, Abednego, and Daniel. Others were called in their advanced adulthood such as the disciples, John, James, Peter, and Andrew. Other were called while carrying out their business of the day as Matthew, the tax-collector and Luke, the physician. Others were called while in their sin-business as the forgiven harlot and the woman at Jacob's well. Others while gazing at the fig tree or climbing a sycamore as Nathaniel and Zacchaeus. Still others were called in their old age as Joseph of Arimathea and the Jewish scholar, Nicodemus. And last of all, at their death-bed — the thief at the cross! 
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There's no such thing as purgatory and indulgences. When you die, you're dead! 
All must die! If not now, tomorrow. If not tomorrow, the next day. If not the next day, the following day. If not the following day, the day following. And if not the day following, the day that follows. And, I say, again, if not the day that follows, then, the next! 
We can only sing, "Death has lost its sting" if we truly understand what the cross of Christ accomplished for us. 
Death laughs at bags of gold. 
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Death is a level ground where the rich and poor; proud and humble; high and low; prince and peasant, all lay and become wholesome meal for the worm. 
A man's life, however great it was, is always summarized by this little word — Death!
Jesus Christ not only died, He conquered death by death itself. Christ stung death to death! He is our resurrection! 
One day people will seek death and will not find it. They will long to die, but death will flee from them.
Death separates us from the familiar faces belowhere, but brings us face to face with God for all eternity. 
Easter exists for the sole purpose of reminding us this: the Son of the Living God died and stung death to death by His resurrection. I do not know where the idea of Easter bunnies and eggs came from. 
I do not fear death, I fear that I sin everyday. What is sin? The mother of death! 
There is no friend as loyal to a Christian as dying in Christ. 
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Friend, have you made terms of peace with Christ? 
Itching ears in our churches is the death of its people. Pastor, preach death to your people as a dying man to dying men. We need more death sermons and less of "meism" tales. 
Beware of life without God. Walk with God. 
Your birthday date must soon meet with your death-date: 1940-2020. 
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Are you packed up and ready for death? 
The toys of this world must ever decrease and become strangely dim in our eyes if we're to look upon death with light in Christ Jesus! 
Be satisfied to die poor to the world and rich in Christ. 
I'll die. Death will not kill me in the end because death will die at the end. 
Death brings us near angels; angels carry us to God. 
Broken for Christ. 
Dead men speak. Read your Bible. 
The boot of death will boot any man who is not firmly rooted in Jesus Christ. 
Image: Grant Whitty.
We are living and dying people living in a dying world. 
Death is never a surprise; it is a consequence of sin. 
Everyone dies but us. 
It is not very long until men attend your funeral; my own funeral. 
Death is certain once we die; no one wants to be there when they die. 
Let us leave the world that we may truly live in the world. 
Have you thought of your own death, O man? Sit down. Have a talk with yourself. 
Young people often limit death for old people. Let me tell you something, young person; you'd be surprised. Death is more closer to you! 
The reason you are circumspect when you cross the road, and vigilant over any other life-threatening calamity, is because you're aware of your own mortality. 
Birthday's we know and can estimate, but death-dates, not quite! Live readily, not wishingly! 
I'm persuaded I'll die but live in Christ forevermore. 
Sometimes the best humbler of proud men is their death or the death of their loved one. Death does not recognise office or estate that men boast of! 
Funerals are a silent sermon to us who attend. Its constant heading does not change. What is it, you ask? You're NEXT! 
We do not care, but death does. 
Image: Igor Starkov.
My library is full of dead people. In short, I've a cemetery in my house. 
Alas! I'm afraid some of the authors in my library are in hell! "Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven" (Matt. 7:21). 
Life, like a flower, dies — slowly but surely. 
Image: Philippa Rose-Tite.
Lord, when? You know. 
A life without the Lord Jesus Christ is death everlasting. 
The toys of this world do not matter to the worms of death. You're wise and know how to apply. 
Dionysius the Elder promised to give the flatterer Damocles a taste of the life of a ruler. He placed him in a luxurious surroundings and then suspended a sword above his neck. 

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