Appreciation Post

Appreciation Post for my Meditations Yesterday on Death & Dying!

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash.

Hello, everyone!

This is a short Appreciation Post. It’s about my latest “Meditations” post I shared yesterday on — Personal Meditation on Death and Dying. Thank you, everyone, who wrote me direct mails and shared how those sundry meditations of mine caused you to think about things that “REALLY” matter. I really appreciate the support! Thank you, too, to my dear brother C.A, who re-shared it in his own page. God bless you, brother!

I did not know what to write yesterday, LITERALLY! However, I remember sitting in my favorite study chair. As always, surrounded by my beloved books with some excellent calm music in the background. I relaxed myself a little bit and said a secret prayer by heart, “Lord Jesus, what should we write about today?” The subject of Death came straight up in my mind! “Well, Lord Jesus, it looks like we’re writing about death today. Please teach me to number my days and make everyday count. I hope these personal thoughts I’m about to share will cause one of my readers to think and reflect,” I prayed.

I count my prayers answered. Many people, who may not always comment here, were somehow helped and exhorted to think and reflect on death and dying. I give God all the glory. He can and always does go with us in our little details, not always the big. I didn’t know what to write yesterday, but God knew what He wanted me to put out. I’m encouraged and very thankful to all of you my readers, fellow writers, and personal friends!

I used to dread the thought of death, but with Christ Jesus beside me, not anymore! He conquered death by death itself. Christ stung death to death! He is our resurrection!

– Thompson

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