Random Thoughts on Issues of the Day (Part 7)

“For a list of all the ways technology has failed to improve the way of life, please press three.”

– Alice Kahn.

The technological-social world is apparently going through an outage. Now, I’m no expert or user of these modern social apps, other than WhatsApp. Reports say that Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, & Instagram are all under one company? Well, being a ludite, I didn’t know that!

Actually, it was not until late last year that I was told Instagram is designed solely for pictures. I’m told all sorts of models exist there, you name it! And one of my friends laughed when I told them I didn’t know TikTok was an app until two-three months ago.

On Facebook and Messenger. I don’t even know how they operate(s), let alone have them in my gadgets. I do know, however, that these companies have succeeded in mining peoples’ data and sell them into third parties without the consent of its users. The users have become their products. Nothing is free. We’re the product.

I’ve closely observed and noted sundry outbursts the worldwide web is currently talking about in other news feeds.

Fortunately [for me], knowing a few tricks here and there in my iPad, I have a section where I can scroll to my left and the screen will bring me all sorts of headlines happening around the world in real time. What I love about this feed is that I don’t have to be subscribed into these channels and social apps to access their content.

They have also categorized their genres: Breaking News, Happening Now, Celebrities, Sports, Entertainment, Movies, Technology, Science, etc…etc. This is super helpful to manuever through and not waste time in useless things.

Anyways, some few rambling thoughts. It is kinda good these social apps have experienced an outage. I mean this, knowing fully well there are some people who use these apps for their work and daily living, that is, business wise.

So then, for those affected in this way, honest and faithful laborers, I hope and pray all will be well so that your families will have a meal and daily supply.

The “goodness” of which I speak here is the sense of helplessness when we see our “freedom” to connect is certainly under “attack,” so-to-speak. The same energy people are taking to twitter or whatever available social app should be the same energy with which we stand up against tyranny.

The reason many are “bored” now it’s because we feel our “togetherness” is being threatened. But, have we paused and asked how this [separation] is currently happening to us under some mandates that prove false and at worst, contradictory? We’re told to stay far from our families, for example. Those that pass these mandates are the same people who flaunt their own rules in public.

Have you asked yourself why the mass is prone to follow the narrative, even if the mass is clearly out of line? Is it that we are fools or what? Or we are idiots, perhaps?

On society under technology. The current outage is proof that we’ve been conditioned to be dependent upon these apps. This is sadly the case. We’ve been fed lies mixed with some good things, though, the bad outweighs the good. We’ve become like zombies that never cease looking at our phones. We’re always watching something, never praying!

Just observe how some families (during this time), I’m sure, have had probably the best time together without anyone mindlessly and needlessly have to respond to every pinging coming from their phones. Some fathers have finally managed to have the whole gang together for a family picture.

If we are sane and serious to account how we use and spend our day; make a calculation of how many hours you/we spend before these apps. It’s an addiction! I’m sure, that is, those of us who are used to have all our time in these apps, must be having itching fingers. “Who do I text?” Constantly checking if the issue has been solved.

I think this is the best time to think through these things, beloved. Like I wrote another time, [in question form], what if one day all these apps, the internet, fully shuts down? What will you do?

What if they say, as I’m sure the plan is there, you’ll not have access to the internet without first complying with the mandates, getting the vaccine and what-not, what will you do? You should ask and answer these questions yourself.

On spiritual matters. Have you noted how much time we spend in these apps more than in prayer? I’m ashamed and guilty of this. I’ve not given myself fully to prayer as I would’ve loved. But I’ve given myself to worthless clicks of social media more than I’d require.

In short, I’ve wasted time when I should’ve prayed. Not that I must pray to feel better or check a box off, no. But to pray to spend more time and getting to know the will of God through prayer. My dependence should not be in my prayers but in the God of whom I’m addressing in prayer.

God is my foundation, not my prayer. Prayer is essential, indeed, but we must never rest in prayer or the means of grace, but on God who provides these means of grace for our sanctification and for His own glory.

We’ve become lazy when reading God’s word; but very active once we open our social apps. We slumber when we read a chapter; but we can spend all night watching Netflix and YouTube videos.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with these things. What is wrong is that they have taken full control of us to a point of feeding on Satan’s table (constantly) whilst we starve our souls of spiritual food, real spiritual food.

In a sense, Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, Instagram, and all those other famous apps, succeed to make us zombies. There’s proof. The social world is now “lonely” because we put too much dependence upon vanity.

May God open our eyes to see. May God cause us to draw lessons from all these. May God make us more prudent. May God…may God…may God…may God help us in this age of constant and meaningless distraction. O God, help us!

You’re wise and know how to apply.

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